Outboundly sells Bananas to Asda

We’re always testing how interesting our sales emails can get. We’ve also created a bunch of test inputs that we use whenever we adjust the fine-tuned GPT-3 model. This is really important as it lets us test the quality of outputs.

One of our tests uses the following inputs:

  • Recipient: Mark Thomson
  • Recipient company: Asda
  • What does the recipient's company do?: A supermarket
  • What are you selling to the recipient?: Bananas

We’ve fine-tuned the Light Topical Email on a bunch of high-quality emails that are industry agnostic. The training emails generally follow this structure:

  • A sentence referencing reading a third-party article
  • A sentence which ties in the third-party article to the service being sold
  • A call to action

The power of the Light Topical Email, and what will drive reply rates, is how relevant the email is. Can Outboundly write an email that makes it seem to the recipient that you have spent considerable time reading, researching and writing a well-crafted email?

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Outboundly emails selling Bananas


Hi Mark Thomson,

I'm reaching out to you because I've just seen how you are making lots of exciting changes at Asda, and I believe you have been doing a good job at knowing your consumer.

I'm thinking about bananas and how they are affected by Brexit.

I'm reaching out to you because you've just done research on the growth of veganism in the UK and I'm wondering if you've considered the impact of Brexit on the banana industry


Hi Mark Thomson,

I have read about how you are working on creating a better experience for your customers. I have also read that bananas are becoming more and more scarce.

I work for a company that has the technology to provide better quality bananas to supermarkets around the world while increasing profit margins and reducing waste.

Would you be interested in learning more?

Best, Olivia Wilson


Hi Mark Thomson,

I am writing in regards to the bananas you sell in your supermarket. I believe that there are a few ways in which the bananas could be improved to appeal to more consumers.

They could be more nutritious, and they could be grown in a more sustainable way, for example I am interested in banana plantations and have recently visited a few in Uganda and Tanzania.

I have also been in contact with some banana scientists, and I would like to discuss that with you


Hi Mark Thomson,

I read your post on how Asda is looking to change the way they sell bananas and I thought perhaps we could get together. I'm a banana seller myself and have been in the industry for 30 years.

I have a solution that will change the way you sell bananas and I'd love to chat about it.


Hi Mark Thomson,

I recently read that Asda has been shifting to a greater focus on its core long-term strengths, which means a greater focus on fresh produce, including fruit and vegetables. This is interesting to me because it is a similar approach that I have taken with my fruit and vegetable business.

I am reaching out to you because I am a banana farmer in Africa and I am looking for a supermarket or distributor


Hi Mark Thomson,

I read with interest how you strive to reduce your environmental impact in the UK.

I work for a company that sells bananas. Our goal is to reduce the number of bananas that are wasted.

We have found also that our way of wrapping bananas in a smart way leads to 30% more bananas being sold.

I'd love to show you how we can help you reduce waste and increase the number of bananas sold.


Hi Mark Thomson,

I read with interest how you are cutting prices to better compete with Lidl and Aldi.

I am reaching out because the UK imports almost £5 billion worth of bananas each year, and yet only 4% of UK households buy bananas weekly.

My hypothesis is that this might be relevant to you and would love to learn more about your strategy to see if this might be a fit for Asda. When would be a good time to speak?


Hi Mark Thomson,

I read from a recent Guardian article that you guys are starting to offer an organic and fresh banana range in the supermarkets.

I work for a company that sells bananas – but not just any bananas. We deliver organic and fairtrade bananas to offices and individuals in the UK.

Would you be interested in a sample?


Hi Mark Thomson,

I read with interest how Asda is focusing on fresh and organic produce, such as bananas, and how you are also working in partnership with the Soil Association.

My company is selling organic, fair trade bananas in the UK. I think your customers would be interested in this.

When would be a good time to talk about this?